Does wearing a waist center have any benefits?

Yes, they are very beneficial. They improve posture, reinforce your core and help form hour glass shape. We recommend you combine using your waist trainer with healthy eating and exercise for maximum results.

Can I wear it while pregnant?

Women should talk to their doctor before putting on a waist trainer when pregnant. A waist trainer puts pressure on the abdomen, which could cause issues for the developing fetus.

Does waist trainers help with postpartum support?

According to a study from the International Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, women who wore a waist support garment after a cesarean delivery experienced less pain and bleeding than those who did not wear one.

Does it help with body fat?

A waist trainer will not help reduce body fat, it reinforces your core during activity.

Can I wear it while working out?

It can be worn during workout. However because of it's wrap around waist nature, if you feel that your stomach needs to expand more just take it off or loosen it up.

Does waist trainer help improve posture? 

Wearing a waist trainer may temporarily help with improving posture.

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