How To Keep Those Health Resolutions You Make Every Year



We all want to be healthier and every year we make a resolution to do just that, but making a resolution is much easier than keeping it.

Have you recently made a resolution to be healthier?

Would you like some tips to help you keep your resolution?

Well if you do then you have come to the right place to do just that! The more you know, the easier it will be to keep your resolution to be healthy.


The key to keeping your resolution is to make a resolution that you can keep. Start with a small resolution and work your way up to bigger ones.

Instead of deciding to workout every day, resolve to workout once a week. After you accomplish that then you can add another day to your workout routine.

Each time you keep a resolution you will gain momentum to help you accomplish your next goal. Before you realize it you will be working out all the time.


Set up a rewards system to help motivate yourself to keep your resolution. If you have something to look forward to it is much easier to stay focused on what you want.

When you do reward yourself, remember to make it a great reward! Your reward should be something that you want and will motivate you to accomplish your resolution to be healthy. Bribery is trickery, but it works.


A goal is always easier to accomplish with help from your friends. When we stumble and fall, our friends will be there to help us back up. Find other likeminded people that also want to be healthy and start a group so that you can all support each other.

Join a group workout class. Classes are a great way to stay motivated and healthy. With the right support you will find that keeping your resolution is easy!

Reaffirm Your Resolution

Stay focused on your goals. Set aside time each day to contemplate and to reaffirm your resolution.

Ask yourself... What can I do today to reach and keep my health and fitness goals?

The more you think about your goals, the more likely you are to keep those goals. You can even create a vision board dedicated to your resolution to be healthy.

Take a poster board and fill it with images that remind will remind you of being healthy. Hang it where you will see it every day and be reminded to stay focused on your goals.


Lifestyle Choices

Being healthy is a lifestyle choice. We make choices every day that impact our life and our health. Keeping your resolution to be healthy will be influenced by those choices.

Examine your choices carefully and ask yourself if this will hinder you or help you in keeping your goals.

When you become more aware of your choices you will find it easier to stay focused on keeping your resolution to be healthy.


Keep yourself accountable for your actions.

Ask yourself... How much do I really want to be healthy?

Deep inside, you know if what you are doing is healthy or not.

Stay focused on what you want and don’t let anything stop you from getting it. When you truly decide that you will keep your resolution to be healthy, then you will.

Another way to become accountable is by telling someone or multiple important people in your life about the resolution you have made. Ask them for help in checking in with you as to its progress. This can help you because you will be anticipating having to discuss your progress with another person.



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